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Cookware  - WAGNER'S MAG-WARE  - Rangetop

Stock/Sauce Pot with Lid
Designed for preparing stocks as well as savory soups and stews. Two styles are available: Lower sided pots are especially effective for reducing liquids, so they work well for stews, chili & other sauce sauces as Bolognese (as the liquid evaporates, the contents of the pot thickens). Tall pots allow liquid to bubble up through the food extracting maximum flavor; they're excellent for homemade stocks and soups. The narrowness of the pot permits the existence of only a small area of surface from which evaporation can take place, and so conserves the liquid; and the pot's relative height forces the liquid to bubble up through layers of food-flavors which start at the bottom and build up through the layers of broth, meat, bones, and vegetables, blending and enriching each other.

Heavy thick models cook the most evenly (hence the name saucier-even cooking is necessary for slow cooking sauces)

Item U.S. Size Metric Size Price Quantity
4248 5 Qt. 4.7 L. $85.00