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ABOUT US - Letter From The President

I would like to thank the late, Mathew Griswold of Griswold Mfg. Co., and Wagner brothers of Wagner Mfg. Co., the pioneers who lit the torch of innovation in this cultural chapter of our American Heritage. This torch, lit over a century ago, has now been passed to American Culinary Corporation.

I am very proud of our legacy, and our third and fourth generation American craftsman. Their innovations, numerous patents, chemistry of blending metal, proprietary formulas and craftsmanship is unparalelled. Our cookware has been on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution and received more Gold Medals than any other cookware manufacturer. Our innovations have affected chefs and cooks throughout the world and helped to revolutionize, the art of cooking.

As invisioned over 122 years ago, our focus will be on continuing to create innovative new equipment while educating professional chefs and discriminating home cooks on the benefits of these well known American classics and insuring their availability as we enter our 139th year. No other manufacturer has the legacy of American Culinary or legitimate proof of quality that has earned the reputation the "Standard of Excellence". It's easy to make a promise and in the late 1800's our customers had to take our word that we would be around. How many companies are still in business a 122 years later? With that in mind, we embrace our past as we move into the future. I look forward to hearing from you on ways we can better serve you.

Peter A. Pike
President /CEO
American Culinary Corporation, Inc.

Letter From The President
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