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Saute Pan w/lid N.S.
Wide, flat bottomed pans designed for sauteing, braising, searing, browning and deglazing to create a flavorful pan sauces. The French verb "saute" means, to jump or leap. When you saute, you cook food in a small amount of fat or oil and keep things in motion either by shaking the pan or tossing or stirring the food, so ingredients don't stick, scorch or dry out. A saute pan is designed to brown and crisp the surfaces of foods.

Think of the saute pan as a French frying pan, a transition between a skillet and a saucepan. They are designed to be thicker and heavier than fry pans with large, flat bottom cooking surfaces that make them ideal for stovetop browning and simmering. Radiused interior corners make foods easy to turn while preparing.

Item U.S. Size Metric Size Price Quantity
5510 10 in. / 2.5 Qt. 25 cm. / 2.6 L. $112.00
5512 12 in. / 6 Qt. 30 cm. / 6.3 L. $140.00