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Casserole w/Glass Lid
Also known as a braising pan. The term derives from the popularity with the Pennsylvania Dutch, who set them in the coals of an open hearth and piled more hot coals on the (then) concave top. A Dutch oven is generally larger than a casserole dish. Many manufactures call a saucepot a Dutch oven , but this is incorrect. They are used for slow cooking of dishes with liquid, such as beef stew, pot roast, or braised beef. The cast iron transmits heat from all sides, causing hot air to circulate within the equipment, thus the name oven. Generally used on the stovetop at a slow simmer but also in the oven. The self- basting lid causes condensation to drip back onto the food as it cooks.

Item U.S. Size Metric Size Price Quantity
1268 5 Qt. 4.7 L. $51.50