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Oval Roaster with Lid
Roasters that are high and covered cook with steam rather than dry heat. Some Experts claim that nothing in the world can equal the moist tenderness of a large turkey roasted in a high-sided pan and flat rack that fits inside the pan. This high covered roaster technique can be applied to deep sided pans as well. The design function of our roasters is to create a second, smaller oven inside the oven that greatly magnifies the heat as it bounces off the hot walls of the pan. Furthermore, with a high-sided pan you can cut the cooking time in half, because of the intensified heat.Be sure to adjust recommended temperatures and cooking times. The high-sided experts suggest covering poultry for most of the roasting time, then removing the top the last few minutes to brown and crisp the skin. These exclusive roasters heat so evenly and efficiently that it is recommended that oven temperature be reduced by 25 F (-3.9 C) to reduce energy costs. The lids fit snugly to steam seal to help retain maximum flavor and nutritional value

Item U.S. Size Metric Size Price Quantity
4263 13.25 x 8.5 x 7 34 x 22 x 18 cm. $110.00