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ABOUT US - History

The American Culinary Legacy began in 1865 when Mathew Griswold formed the Griswold Manufacturing Company in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA. Those legendary metal crafters had little competition until 1881 when Bernard and Milton Wagner of the Wagner Holloware Co. in Sidney, Ohio, USA entered the market.

In 1891, American craftsmanship blossomed when William and Louis Wagner joined their brothers and The Wagner Manufacturing Company was born. There was fierce competition between these American icons. The brothers at Wagner Mfg. had one mission; to design and manufacture cookware that would be "The World Standard of Culinary Excellence". The pioneering, brothers developed the chemistry of blending metal and were the first in America to cast; iron, aluminum and blended metal cookware. They forged a legacy of innovation, design, patents, proprietary metal, educating consumers with presentation standards and developed the original, less water cookware and in time bought out their competitor, Griswold Manufacturing Co..

We are the oldest and most esteemed cookware crafters in America. No one has received more Gold Medals and International Awards than us. Our equipment is testimony to over 122 years of dedication to: design and manufacture, unsurpassed in quality and value. The Wagner brothers are gone but, the proprietary metal formula, trade secrets, designs, blueprints, tooling, molds, patterns, manufacturing facilities, intellectual property, property rights, goodwill of Griswold and Wagner were acquired and are now owned by American Culinary Corporation......for "Generation to Generations"

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